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Probiotics and Prebiotics to achieve True Healing

One needs Probiotics and Prebiotics to achieve True Healing,

We hear so much about probiotics these days, but you do not hear much about prebiotics. Probiotics are good bacteria that confer a health benefit. Prebiotics are fibers that when digested help to feed and fuel a healthy gut lining. The combination of Probiotics and Prebiotics are called Synbiotics. Synbiotics are the key to a healthy gut.

Remember your gut lining, as well as all surfaces of your body, are covered by microscopic organisms, mostly bacteria. The bacteria that line your gastrointestinal tract and body surfaces are referred to as your microbiome. You most likely do not even know they are there, but they play a huge role in your body’s health. You have over 1,000 species of bacteria in the gut to take care of.

The microbiome has a profound affect in your overall health and even your behavior and mood.

A healthy, diverse, high fiber diet is the key to a diverse healthy microbiome. A healthy diet leads to a healthy gut. A healthy gut leads to a healthy body and brain. If your diet is devoid of key soluble and insoluble fiber your “good” bacteria and gut lining cannot be fed appropriately. If the type of bacteria in your gut become imbalanced, your gut health, over- all health, and brain health can be adversely affected.

By consuming a variety of soluble and insoluble fiber, like those in Prebiome-Solve™ you can provide your gut with nutrition to keep it healthy. If taken with a probiotic, like TrueBio-Spore™ a synergistic effect takes place, creating a synbiotic. This combination of prebiotics and probiotics can offer a way to create balance in the gut microbiome and create balance to your overall health.


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